Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man, studying an extreme but modern synthesis process and combining the Greek words "Kinesis" and "Symmetria", KINESYM. An innovative world where skills, technical skills, experience and empathy are combined with sophisticated latest generation equipment in the sector.
This brand indicates a global postural approach relating to symmetry, with preventive, therapeutic, performing, posture rebalancing and didactic/training purposes. The Kinesym brand is registered in the forms established by law.

The innovative solution that the operator was looking for!

The KINESYM equipment are completely customizable respecting the anatomy and biomechanics of the patient/client, with objective and impeccable positioning, maintenance and/or performance of postures, static or dynamic exercises for any timing and intensity and with minimal operator effort.
Thanks to their magnificent versatility, the equipment can be used in medical, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, osteopathic, massotherapy, kinesiological, holistic and wellness treatments and be combined with other already existing aids, instruments and appliances.

It is possible to carry out postural assessments, body asymmetries and treat various musculoskeletal pathologies more effectively and efficiently, such as:

• Backache• Lumbago
• Neck pain• Scoliosis
• Hyperkyphosis• Hyperlordosis
• Coxarthrosis• Joint problems
• Muscle contractions

Having more equipment, one of the peculiarities is the exclusive advantage of having the effectiveness of an individual session with several people at the same time

The advantages are:

  • The operator works in the best possible comfort, managing to position the patient/customer in any position he wants, but above all maintaining it without any commitment, being replaced by the pegs or lines printed on the mat; managing to block, correct, guide the body or the execution of the exercise, having the possibility to do "other"
  • Objective, impeccable and complete perfection of the arrangement and customization, in the positioning, maintenance and/or performance of postures, static or dynamic exercises for any timing and intensity; also in evaluating the patient/customer not only before or after the treatment, but throughout the process (always having the possibility of inserting parameters, blocks, guides, references, etc.) improving effectiveness and efficiency
  • With our method, we carry out a postural rebalancing with a global approach together with the objective search (as far as possible) of symmetry, reducing or eliminating the adaptive antalgic compensations and restoring the eutonia of the postural system
  • Better execution, greater effectiveness and minimum effort in carrying out treatments and techniques: Mezieres, Souchard, McKenzie, Back School, Postural Gymnastics, Personal Training etc...
  • Treatments combined with other aids, instruments, electromedical equipment, etc. can be performed, with better results
  • Multiple symmetrical and/or asymmetrical strengthening exercises can be performed by seeking symmetry and balance in the different positions and in total safety; also with the integration of accessories, supports, weights and tools (for example with elastic bands with the optimal anchor point through the many holes and pegs)
  • They allow the execution of the treatments also to operators who are not in perfect health conditions, with reduced or impeded motor skills or in more advanced age; with a minimum use of energy compared to existing beds and equipment, increasing its efficiency and daily autonomy
  • Their exclusive method of use (having multiple pieces of equipment), allows the operator to always specific and personalized treatment of several people at the same time, managing to perfectly guarantee the performance without his constant presence