The equipment is completely assembled in the factory and tested, but for transport safety reasons, some parts can be disassembled which will then have to be reassembled or screwed in a very simple way.

Yes, having more equipment, it is possible to work with more people (we recommend a maximum of 4 people per operator). One of the peculiarities of the tools is having the exclusive advantage of being able to have the effectiveness of an individual session with several people at the same time.

Like everything, mistakes can be made if used incorrectly. There are no contraindications, but every pathology requires suitable and rigorously precise and adequate exercises.

If the equipment is used in compliance with the instructions, anyone of any weight can use it without problems.

The courses are mostly held in Pescara at our headquarters in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 25 - 27. In the event of training courses scheduled in other cities, these will be indicated in the training courses area of the site.

By sending a request email to, it is possible to receive a list of facilities close to the course venue.

Given the practical nature of the course, comfortable clothing is recommended: overalls, leggings, T-shirt, socks, slippers, swimsuit or shorts for postural analysis exercises.

You can record with audio only; it is absolutely forbidden to film.

At our headquarters in Pescara, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 25 - 27.

The first session lasts about an hour and thirty minutes; the next ones of about 70 minutes.

The logic of this method provides for one or two sessions a week; the body needs to recover the impact of the session for at least two days, in order to reorganize itself for the next postural session.

Yes, just bring the request from your doctor or specialist with you, stating one of these indications: "cycle of postural sessions", "cycle of postural gymnastics", "cycle of active/passive mobilization sessions", "cycle of sessions for analgesic purposes", specifying the reason, for example "for low back pain".