The KINESYM equipment are completely customizable respecting the anatomy and biomechanics of the patient, with objective and impeccable positioning, maintenance and/or performance of postures, static or dynamic exercises for any timing and intensity and with the minimal operator effort. They allow the patient/client to be treated in the best possible way with respect to the pathology and/or objectives, reducing or eliminating any adaptive analgesic compensation and restoring the eutonia of the postural system.

It consists of a perforated wooden base with wheels, a printed mat and a wooden wall with holes (200cm x 270cm). In combination we find the wooden pegs of various sizes with their own trolley with wheels.

It is a tool created for postural rebalancing and muscle strengthening. It can be used both with the patient/client in standing or sitting and thanks to its complete personalization with respect to the individual, we can evaluate the asymmetries and postural defects and treat the muscular imbalances sectorally, reducing or eliminating the adaptive antalgic compensations, restoring the eutonia of the postural system.

For example, through rotational movements of the wrists and shoulders, flexion-extension, adduction and abduction involving the shoulder girdle, it is possible to evaluate any musculoskeletal disorders and symmetrically "create" stretching or strengthening exercises, seeking balance .

Thanks to their versatility all the equipment KINESYM can be used to apply any method or technique in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, osteopathic, massotherapy, kinesiology, holistic, wellness treatments and be combined with other existing aids, tools and appliances.

Finally, their exclusive method of use (having more equipment), allows the operator the “multi-user” i.e. the treatment, always individual and personalized, of several people at the same time playing a role of substantial importance from the point of view of profits.


Having the possibility to completely customize the tool, the methods of use and the relative intensity, it is possible to treat people of all ages and with different objectives.

Yes, every operator can use it on the basis of their educational qualifications, thus respecting their own skills.

The complete treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes. But it can also be used for less time, in combination with other equipment, techniques or objectives.

Of course, it is possible to use them and make them more effective. For example by finding the best anchor point for an elastic, guiding the movement or correcting an alteration.

We recommend combining this tool with the Symmetry Table.

Yes, one of the greatest peculiarities is precisely being able to treat several people individually. Even having more than 4 pieces of equipment, we recommend treating a maximum of 4 people per operator at the same time.

Thanks to its enormous versatility, it can be used in medical centers, physiotherapy, gyms, yoga or Pilates centers and wellness centers through the two "Kinesym Solutions".