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The KINESYM equipment are completely customizable respecting the anatomy and biomechanics of the patient/client, with objective and impeccable positioning, maintenance and/or performance of postures, static or dynamic exercises for any timing and intensity and with minimal operator effort.
Thanks to their magnificent versatility, the equipment can be used in medical, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, osteopathic, massotherapy, kinesiological, holistic and wellness treatments and be combined with other already existing aids, instruments and appliances.

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What our customers and the specialists who have chosen us think of us

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Marta Battestini

Physiotherapist - Osteopath

  As a professional, I met Mattia for work reasons. Fascinated by the methods he uses, I became his patient. It goes without saying that Mattia is a well-prepared, correct and helpful person. As far as Kinesym equipment is concerned, it was a real discovery: they represent a versatile and ergonomic possibility of improving daily working practice. I will certainly deepen my knowledge of the method in order to be able to approach it as an operator  

Noemi Perrone

Massage Therapist

  The Kinesym method is truly extraordinary. I speak as a professional in the sector, an operator of traditional Thai massage and a practitioner of pilates and yoga in my private life. The technique used is truly accessible to everyone, for reasons of postural rebalancing, post-traumatic physical recovery or simply to increase muscle elasticity and have full awareness of one's body. This innovation allows both sportsmen and less dynamic people to have visible and tangible results from the very first session, after being followed step by step without ever leaving anything to chance  

Fabio Rossi


  Kinesym is an innovative method that allows you to work with any type of patient both actively and passively. The strength of the Kinesym method is certainly the variability, as different types of treatment can be carried out based on the patient we are dealing with. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for increasing body awareness and proprioception, a feature that is often lacking in many musculoskeletal problems  

Nicolò Cianci


  Very valid innovation. Versatile as it is suitable for patients of all ages and pathologies. Benefits from the first sessions. Seeing is believing!!  



  State-of-the-art method for correcting bad posture at work or at home. After the first session the results are evident. Mattia is a true professional passionate about his work as well as kind and nice



  It is giving me an awareness of my body that I have never had before, neither with Pilates nor with Gyrotonic. It has corrected my tendency towards a hunched back posture, and is helping me achieve overall body balance and well-being which of course also gives me mental benefits. I do two sessions a week and I can't do without it anymore!  



  With his innovative training method I found benefit from the first session ... the more I continue, the better I am ... Mattia is a great host, kind and helpful ... I highly recommend him  



  Really good, you're crooked, he puts you straight again, puts you in traction to realign your body, congratulations, since I've been coming to you, my back pains have almost disappeared!  



  Highly recommended center for professionalism, competence and cleaning of machinery. Sympathy, competence and super availability. Problems solved following an ad hoc studied path